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Oklahoma City Area Grow With Me Tree Subscription
Oklahoma City Area Grow With Me Tree Subscription

Oklahoma City Area Grow With Me Tree Subscription

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The Grow With Me Christmas Tree Subscription is a unique program that gives your family a one-of-a-kind tradition. For a flat annual fee, your family can adopt a Christmas tree seedling (1 to 2') to have for the holidays year after year. These special trees grow 2 to 4 feet per year, so before long you will have a mature tree for the holiday season, and you you will have had the pleasure watching it grow. This program lasts for five years before trees outgrow our program and are yours to keep and plant. 

In addition to the tree itself, your subscription includes regular letters and postcards from your tree between Christmases, and an adoption certificate for your tree. This program will add a little more magic to your holiday with no extra effort!

1 Year Subscription: Pay for one year of your Grow With Me Tree Subscription. We will remind you to renew your subscription next year!  

5 Year Subscription: Pay for all five years of your subscription at once and receive a 15% discount on the total. 

Front Porch Delivery: We recommend front porch delivery for all customers who feel confident moving their Christmas trees into their homes themselves. We will deliver your tree to your front porch during business hours on your selected day and include a folder with care instructions, your assigned pick up day and pick up procedures, and a watering pitcher. We're available by text, phone, and email for support. 

In-Home Delivery: We install the Christmas tree in your home, teach you how to care for it and review your pick -up date and procedures with you. We make sure your tree is standing tall and centered following any dishevelment from delivery. 


We currently service these areas


Edmond, Arcadia:

73013, 73134, 73012, 73025, 73003, 73034, 73007

Village, Nichols Hills, NW OKC:

73120, 73116, 73134, 73114, 73162, 73142, 73118, 73112, 73132, 73127, 73008, 73122, 73105 

Downtown, Midtown, Uptown OKC:

73107, 73106, 73103, 73104, 73102

Moore, Norman, S OKC, Newcastle:

73108, 73109, 73119, 73129, 73149, 73139, 73159, 73170, 73173, 73160, 73135, 73069, 73165, 73071, 73072, 73019, 73065

Midwest City, Choctaw, NE OKC:

73131, 73151, 73111, 73121, 73141, 73117, 73084, 73110, 73130, 73020, 73115, 73066, 73145, 73150, 73049 

Piedmont, Yukon, Mustang, Tuttle:

73128, 73179, 73169, 73064, 73099, 73078, 73089

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